The benefits of A.C.E

Established in 1970, the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) program was established to not only meet the academic needs of children but also to provide Godly character training. This resulted in a curriculum that helps train young people academically as well as spiritually.

The program's unique self-paced curriculum allows it to be tailored to each child’s individual ability and level. So just because a child struggles in one given area it does not mean that he or she will be kept back in all areas but instead will be allowed to move at a slower pace in that subject. If the child excels in an area, he or she will be able to move ahead at a quicker pace.

Building on what has been mentioned above, here are some of the major benefits of the A.C.E. program:

  1. Its individualized format means that each pupil will have their own workbooks and will be required to work through them at their own pace. This accommodates student that are more developed as they will not be held back while also giving importance to students that need a longer time to digest the material.

  2. It incorporates personal goal setting and critical thinking skills that will greatly benefit your child in his or her future endeavors.

  3. The curriculum focuses a great deal on character building. Christian values are taught throughout and the student has to correct his or her own work and be responsible for what he or she does. There are rules to be followed to ensure the correct use of the curriculum and character training is also provided for the students.

  4. There are rewards and incentives built into the system, which encourage the students to work harder and smarter.

And above all that, the A.C.E. curriculum is recognised worldwide for its high standards and is currently being used in nearly 7,000 schools and thousands of homeschools in 142 countries.

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