Understanding Special Needs Education

Special Education programs are designed for children that are physically, socially, mentally and/or emotionally delayed. The term developmental delay, refers to an aspect of the child's overall development be it cognitive, physical or scholastic skills, which place them behind their peers.

Due to this, the child’s special needs cannot be met in a traditional classroom setting. Special Education programs and services offer content and teaching methods that are catered to each individual child.

A series of test is required to identify the requirements of the child and this includes taking a closer look at the child’s overall health, which covers vision and hearing as well as general intelligence and performance within the school environment.

Observing how the child communicates within the social environment gives an opportunity to evaluate child’s emotional well-being while also getting valuable information about how they use their body in this process. Determining a child’s disability must be a comprehensive process in order to be fair to the individual needs of each child.

Once it has been determined that a child is eligible for special education and related services, a meeting to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be arranged. It is important for parents to contribute as equal partners with the teachers to implement the child’s IEP. This plan will include the child’s present levels of academic and functional performance and in what ways the child’s disability affects his or her performance. Goals will be established for the upcoming year and what the child can reasonably be expected to accomplish.

These goals are intended to accommodate the child’s disability while still being able to progress in the general education curriculum including assessment based academic progression with the PACEs (Packet of Acceleration Christian Education) and day-to-day skills such as fundamental communication skills, how to perform self-grooming and even vocational skills among others.

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